Our law firm is specialised
within the following areas:

Real Estate
Having a well documented experience and knowledge
with respect to a large range of real estate
transactions in France, our firm is able to manage
complex transactions, which can be demanding
both in its legal structure and in terms
of time pressure. It is our aim to add value to our
clients' transactions by being legally ingenious and
flexible and by having a commercial approach in
reaching the goals that we set together.

In connection with real estate transactions our firm
advises private and institutional borrowers with
regard to basic secured lending transactions
as well as refinancing of existing facilities.

Commercial law
It is essential to any business activity that
the contractual relationships are well founded
whether dealing with agency-, distribution- or joint
venture contracts. Our law firm is accustomed to
ensure that our clients' business’ are protected
in a sound and keen way through the drafting
of thorough and comprehensible contracts.

In relation to our clients’ commercial matters
we cover aspects of EU and French competition law
together with intellectual property law, including
contentious matters.

Corporate law
We assist our clients in establishing companies,
whether it be “SCI” companies (Société Civile
Immobilière), “SARL” companies (Société à
Responsabilité Limité – equivalent to an English "
ltd." company), or “S.A.” companies (Société Anonyme –
equivalent to an English "plc" company) and we give
advice pertaining to restructuring, mergers and

Employment law
French employment law constitutes a complex and
often changing area of law. We are able to analyse and
conclude on employment matters in a direct and
effective manner so that our clients are on terms
with the latest legal developments in employment,
ensuring they are positioned correctly in
their environment.

Tax law
In relation to the different areas of law within which
the firm gives advice we are able to combine our
assistance with a fiscal approach.

Litigation and Dispute Management
Our aim is to solve any legal problem our clients may
have in the most efficient way, which means that we
always try to assess the extent of a certain situation or
conflict and determine the risk and the possibility of
settlement through mediation in order to avoid
a time consuming and expensive case before
the Courts.

However, when needed, our firm is ready and capable
to assist our clients in court cases before
both French and Danish Courts.

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